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Kansas Pro-Lifers Take a Stand for Bigger Fonts

In a pro-life effort so absurd it could be mistaken for satire, a bill was advanced in the Kansas House Wednesday which mandates that women be shown certain information in a 12-point Times New Roman font before they kill their children.

The required information includes when the abortionist received his medical license and whether he has malpractice insurance, among other details designed to make parents feel confident that they have chosen the right assassin.  Legislators voted 85-38 to move the bill forward for a final vote.

Though pro-life group Kansans for Life is behind the bill, all debate about this bill centered on women’s health rather than on the lives of those children murdered by abortion.

Supporters of the bill claim women have a right to this information (apparently women in Kansas don’t have access to Google these days), while opponents say it is a thinly veiled attempt to manipulate women into not killing their own offspring. Others oppose the government regulation of fonts.

Rep. John Wilson, D-Lawrence, brought forward an amendment to eliminate the font requirement. He noted that the state should not involve itself in the choice of fonts, highlighting the absurdity of arguing over the means by which information is given to a mother, to better help her in researching her choices surrounding the murder of her own child.

The debate then took an even more bizarre turn as Wilson expressed his fear that legislators who fail to support the bill may face the wrath of anti-abortion activists in the form of “postcards and mailers railing against any of us who vote against this bill.” It remains to be seen what font size will be printed on the postcards.

Responding to insinuations that the effort to impact women’s healthcare was primarily driven by men, Rep. Eric Smith, R-Burlington, stated, “This is not just a women’s issue.” He went on to explain that the debate was truly between two camps divided on whether a preborn child is a “human life.” How the child’s humanity is in any way relevant to legislation requiring a doctor’s professional history to be printed in 12-point type did not come up.

According to abolitionists, if Smith truly believes his own words, he will abandon ludicrous efforts to regulate flyers designed to better inform mothers who seek the death of their own children and instead seek to abolish abortion entirely as murder. At best, this bill would merely help women find doctors who have exemplary records of murdering children, and who work with local hospitals to do it.

“If these lawmakers are talking about human life, then why are they playing around with fonts and type size?” said Kansas abolitionist Kevan Myers. “If the child within the womb is a human, then abortion is murder, and it must be criminalized as such, not treated like a healthcare treatment of which patients need to understand the training and history of the hitman they are hiring. You don’t make laws that say that the fine print of a contract to kill a victim should be larger, and hope that the buyer has a change of mind. You make a law that outlaws the murder itself. Abortion is homicide, and must be abolished. To make laws that do not establish justice and equity for all humans is to establish inequity. And inequity is iniquity.”

Pro-lifers who support the bill and pro-choicers who oppose it did find common ground, however. Both agree that abortion is women’s healthcare, and should be safe for mothers. 

Kathy Ostrowski of Kansans for Life said, “The content is giving a woman immediate access to information that may or may not be relevant to her decision-making.” This statement recognizes the legitimacy of the choice to abort a preborn baby and denies the fact that the state has a burden to protect the weak and innocent from murder, rather than ensuring that the choice to murder one’s child is a more informed one.

Planned Parenthood spokeswoman Elise Higgins noted the deceptive hypocrisy of this position, saying, “Overall, this bill is designed to call into question the safety of abortion, which is a very safe, highly regulated procedure, and the qualifications of the compassionate physicians who provide abortion care.” 

Higgins and  Ostrowski agree that it is better to have safe abortions bolstered by appropriate regulations, and seem to disagree only on the type and scope of those regulations. In this case Kansans for Life has taken a bold stand for the regulation of font sizes, which will allow for more information to be given to mothers prior to the destruction of their babies, just in case they need to know more about who is murdering their child.

“A nickname from the history of our state (from the days when the slavery question raised its ugly head) was ‘Bleeding Kansas’,” Myers said. “Yet today, Kansas is still bleeding, stained with the blood of its most vulnerable and innocent citizens. We are slaying over 7,000 a year. These are our neighbors, made in the image of God. And our state has allowed this, even under ‘color of law’. We need to repent, cease to do evil, and learn to do well, as a state.”