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Is there a need for abortion? / Diego Cervo

Editor's Note

Our response to the letter can be found here.

Chris (Tingles) Matthews of the propaganda arm of the DemonRATS interviewed Donald Trump and asked him a gotcha hypothetical question on abortion that if it was illegal should there be punishment and who should be punished? Clearly this question was asked to help the DemonRATS in the General Election by portraying the false narrative that Republicans have a “war on women.” I question why Trump would want to be interviewed by this DemonRAT hack in the first place is beyond me. And he should never answer a “hypothetical” question anyway.

Trump answered yes the woman should be punished because we are a nation of laws, but then changed his statement and said the abortionist should be the one to be punished. The logical response to this asinine gotcha question is if abortion became illegal there would have to be punishment involved because there would need to be a penalty for violating the law. Then again the Obama Regime refused to enforce laws they disagreed with such as the laws dealing with illegal immigration. So I ask, if a law is not enforced, is it a law? However, this gotcha question was about abortion and who should be punished if it was illegal?

Taking it a step further one should ask why is there a need for abortion in the first place? Hasn’t the left been teaching sex education and all that comes with it from preschool through college through affiliates like Planned Parenthood? Planned Parenthood has infiltrated the Girl Scouts and is currently moving into public schools in three states teaching girls about sex education, abortion and the use of contraceptives. So, with all this education on preventing a pregnancy why are girls still getting pregnant and then seeking an abortion? Maybe it’s because Planned Parenthood makes money from abortions so they may have a different incentive than teaching women how to prevent a pregnancy in the first place.

The leftist’s liberal justices on the Supreme Court in a 5-3 ruling on the Texas Abortion Access Law gave the thumbs up for back alley abortions, because they are more concerned with women being able to get an abortion anywhere than if the clinics are clean and the abortionist qualified.  The two provisions of the Texas Abortion Access Law at issue were first, doctors have to have local admitting privileges at nearby hospitals and second that clinics have to upgrade their facilities to hospital-like standards. The “Justices” were obviously unaware or did not care for the reason for such a law. It stemmed from the abortion butcher Kermit Gosnell, who was butchering babies and maiming women getting abortions at his filthy clinic. So this law was meant to make sure the abortionist is qualified and the clinics clean. The Pro-Abortion folks were overjoyed with the decision and some were calling for women to get pregnant so they can have an abortion in celebration of this ruling. These people are sick!