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False Submission Regarding Downingtown STEM Academy Assistant Principal

Zach Ruff, Assistant Principal at Downingtown STEMS Academy

Editor's Note

There were two videos referenced in the article in question. The first was provided via hyperlink in the sentence Ms. Churns quotes above. The second, edited version, was embedded in the story. It appears the author of this letter is referring to the second version. To clear up confusion, a second link has been added to the original article, pointing readers to the unedited 18-minute video on YouTube in which the "singing and dancing" in question can be seen.

The editors of The Liberator agree with Ms. Churns that accusations ought to be substantiated. Therefore if there is any video or photographic evidence of the abolitionists in question banging on cars, blocking traffic, or doing anything other than what the available videos demonstrate, we invite her to share it with us.

I would like to state that this article has stated the following, which is incorrect.

“As Haines preached the Gospel to passersby, Ruff interjected “Public school, we don’t believe in that here.” In the unedited video, Ruff  can even be seen loudly singing, shouting unintelligibly and dancing to drown out the abolitionists’ voices.”

The two “abolitionists” of Lauren Haines and Conner Haines do not provide unedited video as disclosed in the article. They actually provide only a small portion of their trip. They do not show how they blocked traffic, banged on cars, and continuously harassed onlookers. They did not just innocently stand on the corner. Also, They did say that Zach Ruff was also loudly singing and shouting unintelligibly and dancing, but none were shown in the video to prove this. Also, the video was cut off at the end, thus questioning the credibility of the overall story.

I do hope you ask Mr. Conner Haines to update his story, or redact it in order to continue to establish credibility of your news site. If not, I will be forced to bring this to the attention of other major news outlets.