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Change.Org Petition Addresses Abortifacient Drugs

A petition launched in January seeks to shed light on the topic of hormonal and contragestive birth control, “drugs & devices that kill pre-born human beings,” according to petition creator Matt Ferro, a Florida abolitionist.

“Untold millions of pre-born children are killed each year by contragestive drugs & devices,” the petition reads. “We are therefore calling on all pharmacies and retailers to stop selling these drugs & devices that are known to kill human beings.”

Ferro said if the petition gets enough signatures, will contact the top 21 pharmacy retailers in the U.S. with the information.

“If this gets attention, it will be a good way to agitate the companies that produce and distribute these products,” he said.

Along with the petition, Ferro created a web site,, to provide resources and information on various drugs and devices that can end the lives of pre-born children.