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National Right to Life Priest Talks Excommunication for Church Members Who Sign Petition to Abolish Abortion

Ohio Pro-Lifers Fight to Keep Abortion Clinics Safe

Photo by Conner Haines

Battle of the Bills in Texas: Pro-life Politicians want Abolitionists to Support Abortion Regulations or Shut Up

Press Release/ Annaliese Wiederspahn

Two Pointless Pro-Life Bills Passed in Wyoming

Oklahoma House Passes Bill that Allows Abortion for Any Reason Except Down Syndrome

Liberator Staff Photo

Abolitionists Rally in Wisconsin: “It’s Time to Defy Tyrants Again!”

Missouri Pro-Lifers Ignore Abolition, Call for Better Abortion Regulations

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Canada Pledges $650 Million in Federal Funds to Help Women Kill Their Babies

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Alabama Citizens Call on Governor to Ban Abortion

Abolitionists to Texas Legislators: Focus on Abolishing Abortion, Not Burying Victims