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  • Texas High School Students “Counter-Protest” Abolitionists, Some Switch Sides

  • Alaska Legislator Introduces Bill to Abolish Abortion as Murder

  • Eleven Arrested After Blocking Abortion Clinic Doors

  • Anti-Abolitionist Assistant Principal Resigns

  • Oklahoma House Passes Resolution to Abolish Abortion

    By The Liberator Staff
  • Parents Can Now Turn Unwanted Children Into Jewelry

  • Teenage Abolitionists Face Backlash and Cyber Bullying Over Video of School Principal

  • Assistant High School Principal Tells Teenage Abolitionists to Go to Hell Where Aborted Babies Are

  • Idaho Pastors Hold Conference to Discuss Abolition

  • Abortionist Confronts Sidewalk Counselors with Victim Remains

    By The Liberator Staff