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Wisconsin Abolitionists Call for Interposition

Abolitionists from Wisconsin and surrounding states will convene at Cathedral Square in Milwaukee on March 14 to call for the total abolition of abortion and immediate interposition on behalf of the pre-born.

Event organizers plan to highlight the 1854 rescue of fugitive slave Joshua Glover and the subsequent interposition on behalf of his rescuer by state legislators as a precedent for the defiance of unjust federal laws by lesser magistrates. They will read the 1859 Resolution as well as a historical account of event, in which Glover was rescued from a Milwaukee jail and escaped to Canada via the Underground Railroad. Sherman Booth, one of his rescuers, was subsequently indicted for violating the Fugitive Slave Act, but the Wisconsin Legislature interposed on his behalf, declaring the Fugitive Slave Act to be without authority and of no legal force.

Matt Trewhella, founder of Missionaries to the Preborn and member of the Abolitionist Society of Wisconsin, said that it is once again time for Wisconsin state officials at all levels of government to defy federal tyranny by interposing on behalf of their pre-born constituents.

“True federalism understands that all magistrates, whatever their level or sphere of jurisdiction, possess lawful authority,” Trewhella said. “Whenever one branch of government begins to play the tyrant—all other branches (whether federal, state, county, or local) have the duty then, more than ever, to uphold the Constitution and oppose that branch acting tyrannically—even if that branch is the Supreme Court.”

Trewhella added that all magistrates in America, from police officers to the president, take an oath to uphold the Constitution of the United States. “They do not take an oath of subservience to the federal government,” he said, “nor do they take an oath to the federal judiciary to uphold their immoral, unjust, or constitutionally-repugnant court opinions.”

The Cathedral Square gathering will take place at noon, and will be followed later in the evening by a mini-conference at the Zoofari Conference Center featuring lectures on interposition and abolition.

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