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Las Vegas Baby Rescued from Death

A preborn baby scheduled to be murdered Thursday was rescued after an abolitionist reasoned with the child’s mother and grandparents outside the “Birth Control Care Center” of Las Vegas.

The “Birth Control Care Center,” is a place that parents go to terminate their unwanted children—what our culture calls an “abortion clinic.”

Abolitionist Nick Hendrix was on the scene to meet the baby’s grandparents as they brought their daughter-in-law to the “clinic” to assist her as she stumbled towards the gates of death. By the grace of God, Hendrix was able to speak with them about the reality of what they had come to do and remind them of how they would be compelled to act if the grandchild they had come to kill was a few months older.

Eventually the child’s mother came out, explaining that her child had fetal abnormalities.

Watch the video below to see how this beautiful engagement came to a sweet and powerful end.

The day-to-day work of abolition is multi-faceted and the activities that draw the most attention and criticism include calling civil magistrates to establish justice for the preborn and calling Christians to repent of their abortion apathy. But even in the midst of such controversy, abolitionists continue to go to child sacrifice centers in their cities to proclaim the Gospel, love their neighbors as themselves, and practice pure and undefiled religion.

Because our society values born children over preborn children, anyone who saves a born child from death is considered a hero.  By the same token, however, those who attempt to save preborn children from destruction by doing nothing more than reasoning and pleading with their mothers outside abortion clinics are often maligned as busybodies, stalkers, and even terrorists.

We here at the Liberator find it quite significant that there are precious human beings walking the earth today who were once slated for death.  It is a cause for great rejoicing that brings great glory to God, who sends us out to speak His word and uses human vessels to accomplish the impossible.

Each of these rescues should be every bit as newsworthy as a story about a lifeguard rescuing a child from drowning in a pool or a fireman retrieving a baby from a burning house. While we cannot cover the hundreds of rescues that regularly occur outside of our nation’s child sacrifice centers, we will do our best to report them when we can. For there is nothing more valuable or more newsworthy than when a human life is saved.

Please watch the video above and pray for this precious child who lives in his mother’s womb today. Pray for his parents and grandparents, that they would come to know the Lord Jesus Christ as both Savior and King and grow in the grace and knowledge of God.