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Two Pointless Pro-Life Bills Passed in Wyoming

Wyoming pro-life legislators participating in "Precious Feet Fridays"
Press Release/ Annaliese Wiederspahn

The Wyoming Legislature passed two abortion regulation bills this year, neither of which challenge the practice of abortion in and of itself. Gov. Matt Mead signed both bills into law March 9.

— While both bills are designated “pro-life” by their authors and supporters, both fully accept the continued legality of the premeditated murder of preborn children in the womb. In fact, they ensure that every murder by abortion in the state of Wyoming is premeditated.

House Bill 182 requires abortionists to offer women who want to kill their children an opportunity to look at them first with an ultrasound and listen to their heartbeat before choosing whether or not they live or die.

House Bill 116 prohibits the sale and transport of fetal tissue harvested from the bodies of murdered babies in the state. HB 116 is Wyoming’s version of this year’s trending pro-life bill, but there is no evidence that any fetal tissue from murdered babies has ever been sold in the state.

Both bills become law on July 1. Neither will have any effect on the legality of abortion itself and are not expected to prohibit or dissuade mothers from embracing abortion in the state.

Wyoming Abortionist Brent Blue told the Jackson Hole News & Guide, that these bills “will do nothing to decrease the number of pregnancy terminations in the state of Wyoming,” and added that his child sacrifice center already uses ultrasound technology to confirm pregnancies and facilitate in the deaths of human beings targeted for destruction.

“Patients can ask to see it,” he said. “We don’t hide it by any means. All they have to do is turn their head. [House Bill 182] is not changing our practice one iota.”

In regard to HB 116, Blue told reporters that he has never engaged in the sale of fetal tissue. Blue is in the business of butchering babies and does not have any intention to traffic their remains.

Carolyn Warziniack, interim director of Turning Point pregnancy resource center in Jackson, Wyoming reports that her organization is “delighted that House Bill 182 was signed by Gov. Mead.”

Like most pregnancy resource centers in the US, Turning Point focuses on helping mothers and fathers to make a decision for “life” but does not actively oppose abortion as murder. According to Warziniack, whether women who visit the center hear about the Gospel depends on whether they express a religious preference or request religious counseling on their intake form.

Turning Point offers pregnancy tests, free ultrasounds, parenting classes, and accurate information on both adoption and abortion. Turning Point also offers counseling for mothers who have lost children in unintentional miscarriage as well as a result of intentional termination.

Adopting the language of abortion advocates, Warziniack explains that Turning Point uses ultrasounds to provide accurate information that “enables a client to make a well-informed decision” about their “pregnancy.” 

Warziniack explains that Turning Point wants “women to be adequately informed and empowered to make the best decisions possible.” It is for this reason that they support House Bill 182, believing it “prudent and responsible to require physicians to offer an ultrasound to a patient before an abortion is performed.” Agreeing with popular pro-choice sentiment in the US, Turning Point believes that HB 182 mandates providing mothers information that will help them “make their own decisions.”

Blue added that he saw no practical way for the state to enforce the bill.  “Are there going to be state inspectors in the room? I’m certainly not going to write anything in the medical notes that said they were offered or they looked at an ultrasound. That’s none of the government’s business, and I’m never going to write it down”, Blue opined.

Pro-Life politicians in the state who make statements about the inalienable right to life and claim to be focused on defending the rights of the unborn do not seem to understand that the bills they are putting forward do nothing to defend the rights of preborn humans or prohibit their destruction.

HB 182 requires a mother to look at an image of her victim before she pays to have him or her killed.   HB 116 criminalizes the sale of the victim’s body parts and fully accepts—even requires—that the preborn child is destroyed by abortion prior to their humane disposal.  Neither measure does anything to challenge the practice of abortion in and of itself.

Pro-life politicians celebrating the passage of these bills have committed themselves to wearing Precious Feet lapel pins every Friday during Wyoming’s 64th Legislative Session. “With each Precious Feet Friday, we reassert our commitment to fight for the rights of the unborn”, Republican Pro-Life politicians wrote in a recent press release.  There is currently no legislation seeking the abolition of abortion in Wyoming.