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In the United States, a child is murdered by his own parents on average twice per minute, every minute of every day.  These murders are freely committed under the covering of “law” in a nation that boasts millions upon millions of professing Christians and “enlightened” progressives who claim to be champions of “human rights.”  However, the shed blood of millions upon millions of the most innocent and helpless members of our society emphatically declares that we are neither a Christian nation nor a people concerned with the plight of the oppressed.  Even those who claim to be opposed to the legalized slaughter of pre-born children have by and large taken no meaningful or adequate action against it.  While there are many so-called “pro-lifers” who desire to see abortion abolished, the pro-life movement as a whole has not sought its abolition, but rather has spent the last forty-four years attempting to regulate legalized child sacrifice within the accepted paradigm “choice.”

In recent years, however, a significant moral change has occurred among followers of Christ in this country.  A growing number of Christians have recognized not only how abortion is itself evil, but that the measures historically used to “oppose” it are themselves wicked and not simply ineffective.

We have begun to feel the crushing weight of our culture’s compromising indifference and the neglect of justice and mercy which has allowed the mass murder of children to continue unchecked in our communities, down the street from our churches. In the midst of an ongoing holocaust, we have come to see the pathetic inadequacy of defunding Planned Parenthood—the ludicrous wickedness of calling for “safer” clinics with wider hallways and ambulatory services—and the faithless blasphemy of legislating the circumstances, criteria, and compromises under which the brutal murder of our littlest neighbors may be committed.

We see that abortion is not a moral dilemma, political issue, or philosophical debate—it is the evil of our age.  It is our national sin.  And God will not bless a nation that destroys its children.

As God has stirred His people from complacency, a new perspective has emerged.  Or more aptly, an old perspective has been resurrected: Abolitionism.

Abolitionism is the application of vital Christianity to a culture that kills its children.  It seeks the redemption of man from the dominion of man. It refuses to compromise with evil.  And it calls for justice to be established in the here and now, not some indeterminate time in the future when the political climate might be more compliant to the demands of righteousness.

Christ Jesus came to earth to destroy the works of the devil, and we join Him in this work as His redeemed people; as those who have been justified and are being sanctified to do His will.  The work of abolition is a necessary response from the Church of the living God; a Church which finds itself dwelling in a culture steeped in idolatry, immorality, and utter faithlessness leading to the constant killing of defenseless children.

As abolitionists, we seek to establish justice for the pre-born fatherless in our midst. By being salt and light in a dark and decaying world we seek to love our neighbors as ourselves, practice pure and undefiled religion, and glorify God by hating what He hates and loving what He loves.

The pervasive adoption of various methods of “abortion” to deal with “unwanted” children is the chief indicator that our nation is in rebellion to God. The constant shedding of innocent blood occurring in our culture is proof that our nation’s Christians have failed to be salt and light in this lawless and perverse generation. While Christians have been commanded to overcome the world and make disciples of all nations, the Christians in our nation have focused their time, energy, and resources on building their own isolated ecclesiastical kingdoms and accepted abortion as something which can neither be criminalized nor significantly restrained by the growth and spread of vital Christianity. Compromising with the most pure expression of evil which God declares an abomination in His word and something which He truly hates is commonplace in our church filled culture. But as the Word of God states, Jesus Christ, the Lord of all creation, eternal Son of God, was sent into our world not only to redeem a people but ultimately to destroy the works of the devil. He is the great Liberator of men’s souls and Abolitionist of death. It is Him that we follow and He has commanded us to do unto others as we would have done unto ourselves and not simply to abstain from great evils, but expose and correct them.

The continued massacre of the most helpless and innocent members of our society ought to produce outrage, indignation, and a resounding demand for abolition, not simply a vote for “pro-life” candidates and increased collections for crisis pregnancy centers once or twice year.  The mass murder of those who bear God’s image signals not merely the moral decay of our nation, but the judgment of almighty God upon it. The churches in America have not failed to be pro-life—they have failed to be Christian. The conservative political establishment has not failed to be pro-life—it has failed to even seriously attempt to secure the equal protection of our laws for all human beings.

Showing mercy and establishing justice for abandoned women and children has always been at the forefront of God’s heart, and we believe that protecting innocent children from destruction is part and parcel of the work of Christ’s Church in this present age.  The pervasive neglect of justice and mercy in our land and our lukewarm response to the shedding of innocent blood exposes us as a “goat nation”—a people who do much “in the name of the Lord” but very little to help the “least of these” being murdered in their midst. Goat nations are those which Christ separates from Himself and turns away to judgement and eternal fire.

In the face of this bleak reality, we are determined to be a voice of impassioned truth, righteous indignation, and uncompromising justice.

We are not pro-life. We are abolitionists. We do not merely hold a moral opinion, but are resolved to take up the cause of our pre-born neighbors through moral persuasion and consistent biblical action. We will promote the abolitionist perspective and work steadily to bring the Gospel of Jesus Christ into conflict with the evil of human abortion. We will strenuously contend for the total and immediate abolition of human abortion. We are ambassadors of the Lord Jesus Christ, declaring His will and proclaiming His message of reconciliation to a nation in rebellion against His rule.

We are aware that many will object to our position and our rhetoric. We will be criticized for being too critical. We will be accused of infighting. We will be denounced as purists and navel-gazing idealists who do more harm than good. It will be said that we are sacrificing lives on the altar of principle. We will be told to take a more moderate tone, even to compromise with the very thing we are attempting to abolish in the interest of purportedly saving lives. We will be denigrated for destroying idols and told to leave the sacred calves of our culture of death untouched.

But after 44 years of unabated bloodshed, is there not ample cause to denounce the means and methods that have proved so useless in the battle against abortion thus far? Is there any reason to continue plodding along on the pro-life treadmill? Is there any promise to be had in making more pragmatic plans or meaningless deals with the devil? Is it not time to embrace uncompromising obedience to God as the only answer to dealing with rampant, institutionalized evil?

We cannot see any compelling argument for moderating our tone. On the contrary, we find that even now we lack the proper urgency for a situation so dark and desperate. If the murder of children in the womb is not an urgent issue, then nothing is.

Therefore, we will raise the standard of Jesus Christ and work to advance His Kingdom through every platform available to us. In the face of bitter opposition and suffocating apathy,  we will do our utmost to destroy the worldview that makes child sacrifice acceptable in our culture. We are in earnest—we will not equivocate—we will not excuse—we will not retreat a single inch—AND WE WILL BE HEARD.

The Liberator