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Substitute Teacher Accuses Abolitionists of Terrorism, Murder, and Incest

— A video posted online last week revealed a substitute teacher at Sandpoint Middle School making a series of outlandish accusations against abolitionists outside the school, and encouraging students to mock and berate them.

Siblings Chris and Toni Hutto, along with other abolitionists, have visited the public sidewalk near the middle school and the neighboring high school multiple times, with the stated purpose of exposing the abortion holocaust and preaching the Gospel.

Substitute teacher Gail Bryan has clashed with abolitionists on several of these visits. In her attempts to discourage them from bringing their message to the school, she has called the police, threatened lawsuits, and combed the abolitionists’ social media accounts for ammunition to use against them. Most recently, Bryan claimed both in person and on social media that the siblings are close relations of convicted murderer David Hutto, an accusation the Huttos say is entirely fabricated.

In a video Chris Hutto posted last month, the Huttos were conversing with several students when Bryan interjected. She encouraged the students not to engage in conversation, repeatedly referring to abolitionists as “terrorists,” “ignorant,” and “white trash”.

Bryan successfully petitioned YouTube to remove the video of her behavior, purportedly on the grounds that the students’ faces were in the video.  However, the Liberator has obtained a copy which can be viewed below.

Bryan then took to social media, where she voiced her suspicions about the Hutto’s connection to David Hutto, asserting her speculations as facts and implying the abolitionists may be violent.

She repeated this charge, also suggesting that the Huttos were guilty of incest and pornography, in a second video filmed outside the middle school June 5 (see full video below).

During the second filmed encounter, Bryan referred to a photo posted on Toni Hutto’s Facebook account, in which she and friends posed with handguns during a hike. Bryan told the middle school students, “Five days later (after the photo was posted) one of them actually killed Bo Kirk down in Cour d’Alene.”

“We are not related to that man,” Chris answered, but Bryan did not relent, insisting that Chris Hutto and David Hutto bear a resemblance to one another. During the course of the video, she repeatedly referred to David Hutto as “their relative.” Similarly, in a Facebook post, Bryan claimed he was a very close relation.

The Huttos said they have no connection whatsoever to David Hutto, save a coincidental shared last name. “We’re not related to him in any way,” Chris Hutto said.

Toni said that the use of firearms has always been a part of the family’s life, but stated, “We stand against murder and violence”.

Bryan, however, ignored Chris’s attempt to correct her claim, and repeatedly showed David Hutto’s mugshot to the students, exclaiming, “They actually did commit a crime!”. Over the course of the next twenty minutes, she introduced a variety of seemingly arbitrary topics, including references to a film the Huttos began but never finished filming some years ago, and bizarre insinuations that their parents use the bed and breakfast they own to film their guests bathing.

At one point Bryan gestured to the siblings and said, “I got a question, did y’all get busy and that’s how you made your little Annie (the Hutto’s younger sister)? Because in a lot of pictures, you’re holding her… So I don’t know, it’s a pretty close little relationship you got going on.”

“You’re making a fool of yourself right now,” Chris answered.

Bryan primarily addressed the students, never allowing the Huttos to answer her, but ironically claimed, “They (the abolitionists) have a thing about going after just you guys. They don’t want to confront adults.”

“I’ll talk to you Gail, if you want to,” Chris answered, but as he tried to reason with her, she waved the photo of David Hutto, saying, “Your eyes say it all.”

Despite Bryan’s behavior, Chris and Toni continued to calmly engage the students, answering their questions about abortion and Christianity, as well as their objections to the use of graphic images.

“One girl told her friend we would do a lot better if we only handed out flyers,” Toni said. “So I got to engage her and tell her… that these were images of victims and this was their only voice. And she actually got it.”

Unlike their teacher, the students themselves remained composed and civil throughout the discourse.

“All we want is for people to stand up and say, ‘no more killing of children,’” Chris explained to the gathered students. “Is that such a bad thing?”

The Huttos said their multiple encounters with Bryan were preceded by a conversation with her 14-year-old son, whom they both reported to be reasonable, intelligent, and polite prior to Bryan’s involvement. They said Bryan became incensed after they answered her son’s questions about their beliefs regarding homosexuality. It was also during one of these conversations that Bryan’s son told the abolitionists Bryan herself is post-abortive, which Chris believes may be the reason for some of her anger.

“Gail said we were targeting (her son) and calling him names,” Chris said. But according to the Huttos, the student came to them and asked them questions, which they simply answered.

After their initial encounter with Bryan’s son, she began to confront them and urge students to do the same. Chris said she has called the police multiple times, claiming the abolitionists were on school property.  However, he said they have always limited themselves to the public sidewalk and that the police have affirmed their right to stand there every time they have been called. Bryan also provided her son and other students with signs claiming that the abolitionists were terrorists, hypocrites, and perverts.

The Huttos said they are neither offended nor discouraged by the treatment they’ve received, but saddened on Bryan’s behalf.

“I think I can honestly say that I’m sad for her because she’s condemned herself and she’s letting sin reign her life and rule her every move. It’s honestly sad,” Toni said.

Her brother echoed her sentiments. “I told (her son) I’m praying for him and his mom because Jesus told us to pray for those who spitefully use us,” he said. “And my heart is that she would repent. It saddens me that she’s responding this way. I’m not angry with her. I’m saddened because I know what it’s like to try to cover up sin in your life and you can’t do it.”

After fellow abolitionist Scott Herndon brought the incident to the attention of the school district, he received replies from both school Principal Casey McLaughlin and Superintendent Shawn Woodward, who both assured him they were investigating the situation.