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Respectable Sins: Pro-Life Murder And Dehumanization In The Church

Recently I stumbled upon a Facebook group named “IVF Christian Support, Pre, During & Post Pregnancy.” The group consists of infertile Christian couples who are either considering, in the process of, or have completed a cycle or several cycles of In Vitro Fertilization (IVF). My goal in joining the group was that I, an adoptive parent of two snowflake babies (that is, embryonic children my wife and I adopted who were abandoned by their biological parents in a fertility clinic freezer), might help bring some clarity and biblical truth to bear in this group in regard to the practice of IVF and the industry as a whole. I tried to exhort my brothers and sisters to recognize that whether a human being is aborted from a womb, a petri dish, or a cryogenic freezer . . . it’s still murder.

What I experienced, while heartbreaking, was not surprising to me: Christians justifying the use of IVF as a means to having their own biological children, even if it means the intentional destruction and freezing of these fragile human beings. Also, as I expected, my conversation was deleted and my account banned from the group, as biblical truth was rejected and covered up in darkness.

One of the reasons that Abolitionists look at the Church and see a need to call her to repentance, besides pervasive apathy regarding the abortion holocaust, is the Church’s widespread acceptance of IVF as a pro-life alternative to infertility. In fact, the local church of which I was formerly a member, is pastored by a man whose daughter has practiced IVF and encourages other members of that local assembly to do the same if they are struggling with infertility. So, this is not new to me and is one of the reasons that my wife and I chose to adopt frozen embryonic children, so that we might be able to help shed light on the dark underbelly of the IVF industry (as well as love our frozen preborn neighbors as ourselves).

I won’t use this article to make the case against IVF (I’ll let the screenshots of my conversations in the group speak for themselves), but I have made that case elsewhere. Click here to listen to a podcast interview in which I explained our journey, and discussed IVF in further detail.