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Pro-Life Scheme to Stop Late-Term Abortions in Maryland Fails

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— Less than a year after pro-lifers bought out two abortion clinics and celebrated the end of late-term abortions in Maryland, a new late-term clinic is slated to open Tuesday.

Maryland Coalition for Life raised more than $1 million earlier this year to buy the two facilities — one in Germantown, and the other in Hyattsville, Md.

In a January, 2017 fundraising letter, Germantown pastor Charlie Baile claimed the move would “end late term abortion” in Germantown and save “at least 1,000 babies a year.”

According to Guttmacher Institute, there were 41 abortion-providing facilities in Maryland in 2014 (of which 25 were abortion clinics), and some 28,140 abortions occurred in the state that year. Since 98.7% of abortions occur before 22 weeks gestation,1 that 28,140 would have included approximately 365 late-term abortions. Assuming that mothers who wished to kill their preborn children did not simply do so earlier than 22 weeks in the absence of a late-term clinic (and assuming the numbers were similar in 2016), it’s still unclear where the “at least 1,000” estimate came from.

In late 2016 and early 2017, abolitionists Christian Raymond and Zach McDonald reached out to Baile, urging him to abandon the scheme to purchase the two clinics.

McDonald and Raymond argued that buying the clinics would merely be paying off the murderers, rather than calling them to repentance for the shedding of innocent blood.  They also argued that such a course of action would be ineffective, as another abortion clinic could easily replace the two that closed.

Baile assured the abolitionists that the purchase would legally require the sellers to abstain from killing babies or otherwise participating in the abortion industry for five years, thus ensuring that any babies lucky enough to survive to 22 weeks of age would be safe due to non-compete clauses (or your money back). Although the purchase agreement and associated non-compete restrictions did not include any mention of renowned late term abortionist LeRoy Carhart, who worked as a subcontractor for the Germantown clinic, Baile’s fundraising letter expressed confidence that Carhart’s age, reputation, and other factors would preclude him from procuring a position at any other clinics or opening one of his own.

But according to Carhart’s web site,, “advanced gestation abortion care” begins at the new Bethesda facility Oct. 17.

Pro-life leaders are now attempting to stall Carhart’s plans on the grounds that his new facility is not licensed as an abortion clinic, according to Operation Rescue President Troy Newman.

“There is no way Carhart could get the Bethesda location licensed by next Tuesday. It looks like he thought he could sneak some abortions in under the radar without having to comply with licensing laws,” Newman said. “This is just another example of how much disregard Carhart has for the law and for the safety of his patients.”

If Carhart meets the necessary licensing requirements, thus demonstrating his regard for Maryland law, he will presumably be permitted to resume killing his preborn patients on behalf of their parents. However if the new clinic is unable to open due to licensing violations, Maryland mothers and fathers who want to kill their offspring will have to patronize one of the other 19 abortion clinics2 in the state in order to do so.


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