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One Way To Prove Heresy In the Abolitionist Movement

If you have not been to the website recently, then you ought to go there and spend some time browsing around.

There are some Christians that lay heavy criticism on the abolitionist movement, but rarely do they explain in a coherent and rational way a justification for their criticism. A lot of emotion and accusations at times. But rarely have I seen sound-mind reasoning to backup the criticism.  Rarely do they have anything that in my opinion resembles a solid biblical argument. They often will cite passages but they are usually pulled out of context or the passages are applied in a way they were clearly not intended to be applied.

There are now countless abolitionist websites, blogs, video blogs, podcasts, and social media pages that are made by people who are active as abolitionists. So there is no shortage of places to go to find error, if there is error, in the abolitionist movement’s ideas or behavior. But one perfect place that one could start such critical analysis would be at the flagship website

To be clear, there probably exists errors in thinking and behavior of the abolitionist movement. And most of us, if not all of us, do encourage critical thinking and to remain eager for correction where it is needed.

But as a general position to claim that the abolitionist movement is in serious error, to the point that it is anti-Christ, anti-Church, or anti-biblical, then I challenge anyone to find such ideas or behavior.

But the test must be against the word of God and not feelings or cultural norms. In my experience, rarely are feelings and cultural norms consistent with God’s word.

Understand that I really have no incentive, that I know of anyway, to defend the abolitionist movement. In fact, normally when I make a defense for abolition and the movement in general, I tend to lose friends and general support. But I am bound to speak the truth and make a defense of that truth, always, no matter what the consequences.

I am perplexed when critics of the abolitionist movement do not go to the website and just rip it apart intellectually, philosophically, biblically and theologically. If the abolitionist movement is such a heretical movement in their eyes, then why do they not point to the statements, quotes, videos, and articles that are so blatantly heretical?

I think the answer is that there is no heresy in this discussion except that which attempts to ignore “pure and undefiled religion” as stated in James 1. The heresy that exists amongst us is not abolition, but a separate idea that promotes a version of Christianity that is lukewarm toward the mass killing of fellow human beings.

Check out It is a great site, with great resources. It is well written. And it explains very well why abolition is important and how abolition fits with walking the narrow path.

Don Cooper
President – World Life