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Oklahoma House Passes Bill that Allows Abortion for Any Reason Except Down Syndrome

Rep. George Faught

The Oklahoma House passed House Bill 1549, the Prenatal Nondiscrimination Act Tuesday, which allows parents to kill their preborn children so long as they don’t cite fetal abnormalities as the reason.

Although HB 1549 has been reported to ban abortions if the child has been diagnosed with Down Syndrome, the actual language of the bill merely prohibits abortion if the person performing the abortion knows that the woman is seeking it solely due to a Down Syndrome or fetal abnormality diagnosis. 

Since Oklahoma law allows women to seek abortion for any reason or no reason at all, it is unclear how this bill will have any impact on the practice of abortion on demand.

The bill is authored by Representative George Faught, who said during debate over the bill, “One of the things that I campaigned on was to protect life, and I believe life begins at conception.” He did not explain how a bill that bans abortion only in specific cases, and only if the mother gives specific reasons is in any way consistent with the belief that all life should be protected from conception.