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Ohio Abortionist Temporarily Banned from Killing

— An Ohio man who routinely kills unborn children is facing a temporary suspension of his medical license for improperly prescribing medications.

The Ohio state Medical Board on Wednesday suspended Dr. David Burkons’ medical license for six months for signing blank prescriptions that his staff would later fill out, and for failing to properly record prescriptions.

Ohio pro-life advocates have celebrated Burkons’ temporary suspension, calling it a pro-life victory.

Ohio Right to Life Executive Director Devin Scribner said, “After years of playing fast and loose with the health and safety of Ohio’s women and children, David Burkons is finally facing some sense of justice.” Citing the fact that Burkons’ kills children at four different Ohio abortion facilities, Scribner asserted that the suspension would “rock the Ohio abortion industry for at least the next six months” and “will undoubtedly protect countless lives in Northeast Ohio and beyond.”

Burkons owns the Northeast Ohio Women’s Center in Cuvahoga Falls, serves as medical director at Preterm, and has performed abortions at Women’s Health Center in Columbus and Capital Care Network of Toledo, according to It’s unclear whether any of these facilities will close in Burkons’ absence.

Abolitionist Emily Browne said she believes the suspension will have no actual impact on the abortion industry. “The demand for abortion is still there. Another abortionist will fill that spot in no time,” she said. “Even if the clinics closed, a woman that’s set on murdering her child wouldn’t care to drive an extra 10-20 minutes to the next closest mill… what’s the victory?”

Abolitionists frequently argue that the closing of abortion clinics and prosecution of abortion practitioners for reasons other than the fact that they murder children only legitimizes the practice and leads to cleaner, more unassailable abortion clinics. In fact Burkons’ own clinic, the Northeast Ohio Women’s Center, replaced a previous abortion clinic in the same location which was closed by the Ohio Department of Health for health and safety violations — an event both LifeNews and Ohio Right to Life applauded as a victory.

Browne likewise dismissed the idea that Burkons is facing any form of justice. “I wouldn’t even call this ‘a slap in the wrist'” she said. “Burkons will probably enjoy the time off by soaking up the luxurious things he’s bought with blood money.”

This isn’t the first time pro-life advocates have celebrated the prosecution of an abortionist for technical missteps or malpractice not related to abortion itself. In January, 2016, Oklahoma abortionist Naresh Patel lost his medical license for the murders he charged women for but didn’t commit, after an investigation revealed he sold abortion pills to women who were not pregnant.

At the time, LifeNews Editor Steven Ertelt called this one of the “worst aspects of Patel’s shady abortion business”, stating that Patel “put (women’s) lives and health at risk by selling them the dangerous RU 486 (mifepristone) abortion pill that has killed dozens and injured thousands of women.”

Since Patel lost his license, two new surgical abortion clinics have opened in the area: Trust Women South Wind Women’s Center in Oklahoma City, and a Planned Parenthood which moved into into Patel’s Warr Acres abortion facility less than a year after its closure.