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Missouri Governor Ensures Babies are Killed in Clean Clinics

— The Missouri Senate passed legislation Thursday morning mandating that preborn children can only be murdered in child sacrifice centers that undergo yearly state inspections.

The legislation came as a result of a special legislative session called by pro-life Governor Eric Greitens. The session was specifically focused on regulating the killing of preborn children and was in no way focused on banning abortion or protecting preborn human beings from destruction. Pro-life legislators also voted to overturn the St. Louis “sanctuary city” ban, which prohibits employers from refusing to hire, firing, or disciplining women based on “reproductive healthcare” decisions such as birth control, IVF,  pregnancy out of wedlock, or paying to have their children murdered after reproduction has taken place.

Although Missouri Democratic Party Chairman Stephen Webber claimed the session was “an unnecessary government intrusion into private sexual and reproductive health decisions,” the resulting legislation did not aim to impact decisions about when or whether women become pregnant.  Ensuring that abortion “clinics” remain safe and sanitary places for Missouri mothers and fathers who want to terminate their unwanted babies was the primary concern of the session.

As Republican Senator Andrew Koenig confirmed, the pro-life bill passed during the session was “all about protecting women’s health and safety and making sure we have a regulatory environment for this particular industry.”

Koenig’s legislation also included provisions regulating the treatment of a baby’s body after he or she has been ripped into pieces and removed from their mother’s womb, as well as a mandate to enforce reporting deadlines concerning how many babies are butchered in Missouri so that the government can properly keep track of the number of citizens deprived of life in the state.

The News and Observer called Missouri’s existing abortion laws some of the toughest in the nation, noting that women who wish to kill their children are required to wait 72 hours before the murder is permitted to take place.

Despite all the pro-life hype concerning the special session and Greitens’ supposed anti-abortion agenda, three bills aimed at banning abortion entirely went unheeded by pro-life legislators and advocates. Two personhood bills and an abolitionist bill were introduced during the regular legislative session, but none made it to the floor as the Missouri House is dominated by pro-life politicians and not abortion abolitionists.

Pro-life organizations such as Missouri Right to Life refused to support any of the abortion bans, choosing instead to rally for regulations and celebrate the passage of bills that would make abortion more safe, possibly a little bit more rare, and keep it legal.

According to Missouri abolitionist Rush Loftis, Missouri Right to Life representatives said they would not back an abolitionist bill because the courts would overturn it.

Loftis said that the courts perverted the US Constitution in decisions such as Roe v. Wade and that in such cases the court is grossly exceeding its authority.

“Look, abortion is wrong, the courts are wrong, and the courts need to be corrected,” he said.