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Mike Pence’s Meaningless Title X Vote Causes Inexplicable Rejoicing

After a recent “pro-life victory,” many are rejoicing that Mike Pence cast the deciding vote to regain control of Title X funds, placing it back in the state’s jurisdiction to determine what organizations will be funded. House Joint Resolution 43 overturned the Obama administration’s rule that forced states to fund Planned Parenthood. This will allow states who have already voted to defund the abortion provider the opportunity to follow through.

Although this is not actually defunding Planned Parenthood, or saving any children, many pro-lifers are still celebrating. Finally! They have the chance (in certain states) to make sure that the legal murder of children does not continue on their dime!

Christina Ferguson wrote in a Facebook comment on Live Action’s Facebook page: “Thank God! My tax dollars should NOT have to pay for someone else’s immoral decisions! You want to make that decision…YOU pay for it.”

She wasn’t alone in her views on the post, as Olivia Guerrero also wrote: “I’m so happy! I don’t want my tax dollars to pay for the killing of an unborn child.

But there were other more spiritual comments as well, such as what pro-lifer Susan Robertson Wellborn said: “These types of rules/mandates passed by the Obama administration tread on freedom of religion. No hard-working Christian, should have his/her tax dollars spent on something in such opposition to his/her deep spiritual beliefs. Shame on people in Congress, who call themselves Catholics, for voting to uphold such obvious violations to Biblical principles.”

Lois Sloan Garcia had similar objections to paying for abortion also: “Yes abortions will still happen but it will not be on or heads for paying for it. It will be between the person and there [sic] Conscience are there [sic] God.”

What a victory! Although Planned Parenthood hasn’t actually been defunded, and not one baby will be spared from abortion by this move, pro-lifers can rest easy knowing their wallets won’t be affected any more (in certain states)! The establishment of justice may be another 43 years out, but at least in the meantime, pro-lifers won’t have to worry about their money (publicly) funding murder. For those states that choose to defund Planned Parenthood, citizen money will simply be filtered through Starbucks, Girl Scouts of America, or the host of other corporations that freely donate to the organization first. Because the truth is, abortion is so entrenched in our society that not a dollar we spend on clothes, electronics, or cell phone plans can ever be free of bloodguilt until this scourge is removed. 

Meanwhile, abolitionists continue to fight fiercely to Abolish Abortion in Texas, calling lawmakers to hear HB 948 and actually establish justice for their most innocent and helpless neighbors who are murdered by abortion every day.