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Michigan Abortionist Loses License to Murder Due to Unreported Criminal Record

— Dr. Thomas Gordon will no longer be allowed to murder preborn children after April 26, due to his failure to report prior criminal convictions.

The Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs filed a complaint against Gordon last year, citing four misdemeanor convictions of which he did not notify them. Gordon was convicted of aggravated assault in 1992, domestic violence and firearm possession while under the influence in 2012, disorderly person jostling in 2015, and operating while intoxicated, also in 2015.

In a Thursday blog post, Michigan Right to Life declared that the abortionist’s criminal record had “finally caught up to him”.

“It’s about time,” said MRL President Barbara Listing. “For decades Thomas Gordon has plied his deadly trade in downtown Grand Rapids, taking thousands and thousands of lives. It’s good when the abortion industry is finally held accountable.”

According to abolitionists, Gordon is not being “held accountable” for the the murders he’s committed, as Listing’s statement implies.

“He’s being held accountable,” said Michigan abolitionist Rance Bennett, “but not because he’s murdered thousands and thousands of God’s image bearers.”

He has not been charged with murder, and Heritage Clinic for Women has not been shut down for being a murder business. Gordon is merely facing temporary suspension, not for committing the crimes of aggravated assault and domestic violence, but for failing to disclose them. The actions of the Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs are perfectly in line with keeping the abortion industry safe for women, but have nothing to do with holding an abortionist or the abortion industry accountable for the taking of innocent life.

Listing did distinguish between the crimes Gordon commits every day and those for which he is facing consequences, stating that “Gordon was either never fit to practice medicine in the first place, or he should recognize that the heavy personal toll from taking thousands of lives in the womb has led him to commit violence against women outside of the womb as well.”

She then added, “How could any woman ever feel safe in his operating room knowing he has put a gun to a woman’s head and has three convictions for violent crimes? How many women have been informed of his record in the past?”

Bennett said Listing’s view is consistent with that of other pro-life leaders, who all treat abortion as healthcare.

According to LARA documents, his medical license may be automatically reinstated if he undergoes treatment within six months—including a mental health and substance abuse evaluation—as well as entering into a disciplinary regulatory monitoring agreement, unless the Health Professional Recovery Program (HPRP) deems such monitoring unnecessary.

If he meets these requirements he will be allowed to resume murdering preborn children, though he will have to undergo a two-year probationary period. If he fails to meet these requirements within six months he will be forced to reapply for his medical license.