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Is Wizard of Oz Theme Park at Wrong?

Facebook / LifeChurch.TV

Let me say something about this. I am not against having fun. I am not saying that making a “movie theme” at a church building is in and of itself sin. I am not against making things interesting for sake of spreading truth. What I do have a problem with is fake Christianity. I have a problem with any person or any group that claims to “share the Gospel” when in fact they deceive and mislead people to a false Gospel.

You will see during this live video that the representative says that through this they will share the Gospel. My question is, and the question everyone should ask is, “What is the Gospel?”

It is public knowledge that leadership, headquartered in Oklahoma City, OK, is openly and adamantly opposed to the abolition of the murder of children. You can examine the documented evidence for this at (Also listen to this disturbing phone conversation between an abolitionist and a LifeChurch leader).

Members of this organization who became abolitionists, spent years trying to move the leadership at to do meaningful outreach and work that would intervene on behalf of the children being slaughtered just blocks away from their theme-park/mega-campus. These efforts were to no avail. They say they care about children, but certainly not the ones being killed in their neighborhood.

I myself have personally spent time outside of in Warr Acres, OK, attempting to speak with members and leadership. The reception we and other abolitionist received as we attempted to handout literature was not unlike what I have experienced on secular college campuses for the past two decades. It is essentially what I would describe as a pro-abortion reception. It is an anti-reception that says you and your view is unwelcome here. There were however a few members who were loving and open to our message of truth that God’s people need to wake-up and oppose the evil of murder in their midst.

I remember one lady who stopped her car and was elated that we were there as she said she had been praying to the Lord that He would show her what to do about the abortion holocaust. She conversed with us for a while, received our literature and was going to look it over and compare it to God’s word.

There was also the man who came out of the building and began talking to us and he told us that the pastor inside told all of the members to ignore us and not to talk to us. As he talked to us he became more perplexed as he heard what we were sharing as coherent and consistent biblical truth applied to abortion. He couldn’t understand why the pastor that he so trusted, would tell him to not talk to us. He prayed with us and stood with us for a short time. Then he said, “I need to go back inside and talk to my pastor about this.” About an hour later he came back out and said, “My pastor says that what you are doing will scare people away and keep them from learning about Jesus.” To which an abolitionist replied with a question, “Which Jesus is your pastor talking about?”

Is Jesus opposed to the killing of little children? Is the blood of Jesus able to forgive the sins of those who have murdered their children? Is the infinite propitiation of Christ able to forgive those who have passed by on the other side of the road and done nothing to intervene for the most oppressed? The Jesus we know and preach does this every day.

Abolitionists Todd Bullis, T. Russell Hunter, and Don Cooper outside LifeChurch.TV in June, 2013.

The true Gospel does not trivialize the work of the cross to forgive all sin. The true Gospel does not ignore certain uncomfortable sin for the sake of tickling one’s ears or for the sake of being politically correct or for the sake of having large attendance numbers in our pews. The true Gospel is a true story of God creating man, man’s rebellion against God resulting in true moral guilt, God then showing mercy and grace to give us a way to be forgiven and cleansed of this guilt, and a way to live rightly. The true Gospel speaks of obedience to God through faith in His Son because we love God. If we love Him we will obey Him!

This means we cannot be pro-abortion. This means we cannot be silent about injustice. This means we are not ashamed to agree with God that the shedding of innocent blood, especially through the deliberate act of child sacrifice, is an abhorrent evil. This means we as individual followers of Christ, and we as the Church body of Christ, are representatives of Christ our Head, and must do what the Head desires.

Sadly, many church organizations just like LifeChurch want to spread a false Gospel that teaches about a different Jesus. I am not opposed to creative ways of sharing the true Gospel. I am not opposed to people giving their time, resources and talents for the sake of the true kingdom of God. But sadly, what LifeChurch is doing here is not that.  There will be a judgement day where each of us will give an account for what we did and didn’t do for the least of these. And I don’t believe that in God’s economy, Wizard of Oz theme parks will mean much while ignoring the fatherless and oppressed being murdered just down the street.

To conclude I will say this. I believe there are many good people who attend campuses. I believe that many of them know and love the Lord. My appeal to them is to be like the Bereans and test what the leadership is not just saying but DOING. Test their teaching both by word and deed. Test it against the word of God. And obey God before man. To put it bluntly, I believe you will find that the leadership at LifeChurch is made up of wolves in sheep’s clothing. These are men who on the surface sound and look good, but if you dig very deep at all, especially in regard to the weightier matters going on, you will find they are deceivers like the one’s Jesus warned us about (Matthew 7). Leadership in our church organizations that actively opposes the work to establish justice and mercy for children, is corrupt leadership. Do not follow such leadership. Obey God. Not man.