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I Love my Country, but I am an Ambassador for Christ

I love my country. I love it largely because it’s all I know and I am profoundly grateful for the opportunities it has afforded me and the many blessings it provides. In many ways I feel it’s my country right or wrong. These are my people, this is my history—however it stacks up, however it pans out, it is mine.

However none of that is ultimate. I’m not here to be an apologist for some perceived American virtue. I’m not here to defend the actions this nation has taken nor to celebrate its victories.

I’m not an apologist for America. I’m an ambassador for Christ. I’m not primarily a patriot of this nation but a prophet of its King. Yes, the colonies may have rightly thrown off the tyrannical rule of an earthly king but we still, like all nations, are under the rule of King Jesus.

There is no such thing as freedom “from” religion. There is no such thing as separation of religion and state. All political endeavors and all laws that are passed and then put into place and expected to be obeyed come from some view of the world, some system of thought and belief. These laws and expectations are then enforced upon others. This is inescapable. No one is neutral. No law is neutral. We all want our view of the world to be enforced—our view of truth, our view of virtue, our view of justice, our view of tolerance. The question becomes is our view actually true? Is it virtuous? Is it just? Is it righteous?

Christ is our King. His word is our law. We would do well as a people and be blessed as a nation if we heeded his ways and walked in his statutes.

The scriptures tell me that I am to honor the emperor and to pray for my rulers. I seek to do that—but I do so very imperfectly. Yet the scriptures also tell us this:

“When the righteous increase, the people rejoice, but when the wicked rule, the people groan.” (Proverbs 29:2)

This nations for decades has been ruled by the wicked. Regardless of the political party they have affiliated with, the wicked have ruled unabated my whole life. Donald Trump is no different. He is a mockery of what dignity and justice ought to be, thus God mocks us by the folly of such a man.

Our political leaders are not the ultimate problem. They are simply a mirror to our own folly. We are proud, so we are led by the prideful. We love our sensuality and sexual freedom so we are led by adulterers and defilers of women. We spurn reproof and love vengeance so we are led by tyrants who disdain correction.

Our nation is filled with blood. We are guilty. The blood of the innocent calls out from the ground. It calls out against us—and we Christians are the ones who have the answer. We know what justice is.

Judgment always begins at the household of God. How do we think we will escape when our land is so defiled?

For 44 years we have slaughtered our children under the protection of man made law—we now laud it as litmus test for human rights. In our vernacular child murder is a virtue. For even longer we have spurned God’s rule and made sexual freedom the basis for freedom itself. In our efforts to be a free people we have become enslaved to the tyranny of the flesh and are consumed with the fruit of such wickedness.

June was Pride month. O, how prideful we are. In July we celebrate freedom—but O, how we are slaves.

We must repent—as individuals, as families, as churches, as cities, as states, as a nation, as a people. We must turn to Christ. For in him is life, in him is freedom, in him is joy, in him is righteousness.

-Ryan Strieby

Adopted by the Father | Husband to Kristin | Daddy to Hannah & Emma & Lily | Teaching Elder, Doxa Community Church