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Dan Fisher Dedicates Abortion Clinic to Mary Fallin

Photo by Brian C Biggs

— Oklahoma gubernatorial candidate Dan Fisher held a rally for an Abortion-Free state in the parking lot of an Oklahoma City church Saturday morning.

The rally was the first of what will be four such rallies, according to the campaign’s Facebook page. Over 200 Rally attendees gathered to hear a series of short speeches, then walked four blocks to the nearby abortion clinic, “Trust Women South Wind Women’s Center,” where Fisher dedicated the facility to current Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin.

Women for Fisher

Tulsa pastor Bruce DeLay and Oklahoma City pastor Paul Blair opened the rally with joint resolution regarding the church and her responsibility to the abortion holocaust, as well as an exhortation to evangelicals in Oklahoma, urging them to elect Dan Fisher as governor.

A group of women wearing “Women for Fisher” shirts took the platform next, as campaign staffer Kate Robinson spoke about women’s rights and why many women should support Fisher’s candidacy.

“For those people who talk about abortion as if it were a women’s rights issue, I’m here to tell you–we’re here to tell you–that they do not speak for us,” Robinson said. “And they do not speak for the thousands of women in Oklahoma who don’t think that they need special murder privileges to be valuable or be equal to men.”

Finally, Fisher spoke, telling of his conversion from a pro-lifer to an abolitionist. “Thinking that I had been doing right, I had actually been doing wrong” Fisher said of his past participation in and support of incremental legislation such as 20-week fetal pain bans. “By supporting an incremental approach to ending abortion I was implicitly assenting to the idea that it was legal to murder babies who didn’t fit into a regulatory scheme.”

Fisher later told the Liberator that, “An abolitionist is committed to ending abortion, not just limiting it, or regulating it.”

After the parking lot rally, the crowd walked to South Wind Women’s Center, where Fisher prayed and dedicated the clinic to current Governor Mary Fallin, saying, “I would like to proclaim this the Mary Fallin abortion clinic.” He explained that “This clinic is here because she vetoed SB 1552 and those who set this up were looking to her to see what she would do.”

“I don’t have a personal beef with Governor Fallin or Mayor (Mick) Cornett or any of the other candidates personally, but they are not standing against the murder of children,” Fisher told the Liberator. “They are just using the term ‘pro-life’, but as I’ve already said, that pretty much means nothing.”

Dan Fisher at South WInd

Originally, Fisher had hoped to hold the rally in the parking lot of Liberty Worship Center, which is located on the same block as South Wind, but said the pastor refused to allow the campaign to rent the space, on the grounds that they didn’t want to get political. On the day of the rally, the church’s marquis bore the message, “When you were in the womb, Jesus loved you,” but Fisher said their refusal to act on behalf of their preborn neighbor spoke louder than the words on their sign.

“For many of us, our churches will not do a thing to stop what’s going on in here,” Fisher told the crowd. “They’ll talk about it. They’ll talk about how bad it is, but they won’t do a thing.”

“The church has been silent, and, in some instances, the church has actually stood against us,” Fisher elaborated to the Liberator.