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Crisis Pregnancy Centers are Not the Solution to Abolishing Abortion

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I would invite you to read the following and consider the arguments I have made as to why Crisis Pregnancy Centers (CPC’s) are not the solution to abolishing abortion. As a Christian abolitionist that should be our objective in regards to this ongoing holocaust. For every age has it’s evil and every age has it’s abolitionists. I realize that not every CPC fails in all of these areas. I’m simply pointing out the problems with most and why you should consider this before giving to them financially or through your service.

First, Crisis Pregnancy Centers, 9 times out of ten, are not Gospel centered. They lack the use of biblical terminology when counseling women, discourage any sort of evangelism and furthermore they suppress the truth in order to be “non-judgmental”. Their efforts are weak, humanistic and pragmatic without the power of God which enables the sinner to see his sin through the lens of the law. Their appeal is often diminished by refusing to wield the sword of the Spirit.

Second, Crisis Pregnancy Centers typically treat the women who are abortion minded as victims (It is noteworthy to mention here that the majority of woman these crisis pregnancy centers serve are mothers who never considered killing their children through abortion). You will often hear things from the CPC’s such as “these girls just need a push in the right direction” or “They don’t know what they are doing”. They refuse to call these women murderers, disregarding the very words of Christ. It’s disingenuous at best and deceptive at worst. It’s an injustice to the baby and a detriment to the mother’s soul. The bible demands we must warn the wicked of their wicked way, not justify their behavior. Yes we speak the truth in love but without softening the message in an attempt to be “nice”.

Third, Crisis Pregnancy Centers are the scapegoat for the disobedient “Church”. Although this is not altogether their fault, they do gladly receive donations with the knowledge that the people of God have neglected their duty to love their neighbor by passing the buck (literally). The number one reason Christians give for not opposing child sacrifice, personally, is the existence of the Crisis Pregnancy Center. Pro-Lifers have created parachurch ministries which relegate the responsibility of the body of Christ to obey God by loving their neighbor as themselves.

Fourth, Crisis Pregnancy Centers dehumanize the preborn child. They speak of the slaughter of the innocents as an “option”, “choice”, “decision”, or even “mistake” according to their own web sites rather than the willful, bloody, soul damning sin that it really is. Not only is it degrading and deadly to babies but it is dishonoring to The Lord God Almighty. They avoid calling “abortion” murder to maintain a good rapport with their “client” while at the same time ignoring the righteous God they are offending. The only cure for this is repentance.

Lastly Crisis Pregnancy Centers facade as Christian organizations while in truth relying on a secular worldly system that lacks salt and light. It is a misrepresentation of the God we serve to only be concerned about one’s physical needs and rejecting the way the Lord instructs us to proclaim the Gospel to all creation. Crisis Pregnancy Centers are often run by Catholics while being heavily supported by evangelicals. The truth must be shared with these women and the Word not restrained in order for lasting fruit to be produced. Otherwise our efforts are in vain, we act in the flesh and only serve ourselves. Most attempts at sharing the gospel are shallow, watered down, and truncated having a form of godliness but denying it’s power.

Pro-life Christian, before writing your monthly check to your local CPC, consider how you have left aside the weightier matters of the law: Justice, Mercy and Faith. Ask The Lord how you should be opposing child sacrifice in your community. Where can my money be better spent? Have I repented of my own indifference and apathy? Do I truly love my neighbor and treat abortion as murder? Examine yourself and humbly come before the Father. He will show you the way to walk in it.