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Cree Irwin Was a Murderer, Not a Victim

Video still / YouTube

The pro-life lobby has made a martyr out of a murderer.  Cree Irwin was not a victim. She was certainly not a martyr but was a murderer. Cree knew what she was doing when she made the appointment and went to the killing center, paying to have her preborn child killed.  Sadly, her decision to murder her child cost Cree her life.   However, she was not a victim in anyway shape or form.  The pro-life movement, as usual, has used this story to promote their regulation of the abortion industry and never ending campaign to defund Planned Parenthood. They paint women as deceived, gullible and stupid, by buying ” into the lies” of the abortion industry. As a woman, I find such a mindset patronizing and demeaning to my intelligence and my humanity.

Women know they are killing a preborn child when they have abortions.  I had two abortions in a single year before I became a Christian.  The fact that I had the abortions on the advice of medical providers, due to a medical condition, does not negate the fact that I am a murderer.  I should have sought a second opinion and life-affirming treatments, rather than just murder two innocent children.  I am not a victim!  I am a repentant murderer because I accepted salvation through Jesus Christ. His Blood covered the blood of the children that I had on my hands. I hope that in her final moments Cree also accepted the Blood of Christ, to cover the innocent blood she had on her own hands.

I do not dispute that a minority of women and girls may be secondary victims of abortion. This would include mainly minors and those who are sex trafficking victims. However, the term victim does not apply in this situation. Cree had an abortion of her own free will, as most women do.  To coddle and treat them like victims, is a form of hate of the vilest kind.   Telling them they are a murderer, who must repent and find forgiveness in Jesus Christ is the highest form of love, we can give post-abortive women.   I am not a victim, but am a redeemed repentant double murderer through the Blood of Christ.

Editor’s Note: Cree Irwin was a 24-year-old woman who died last year in Michigan from complications related to her abortion, according to The Daily Wire.