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California Abolitionists to Circulate Petition to Abolish Abortion

— A petition to put the abolition of abortion on the California ballots has been approved for circulation.

According to abolitionist Danny Ehinger, who proposed initiative 17-0008, the petition is an effort to put before the voters a state constitutional amendment that will protect all preborn human beings by recognizing abortion as first degree murder.

“The abolitionists in California filed this petition in obedience to Christ’s command to love our neighbor as ourselves. Loving our neighbor is bringing our state law back to alignment with God’s law, ‘Thou shall not murder,'” Ehinger said. “We hope to influence our born neighbors to stand up for justice and put an end to the abortion holocaust that exploded in our state since Ronald Reagan signed the Therapeutic Abortion Act on June 15th, 1967. We hope to protect men and women from the devastating consequences of choosing to murder their child and heal the state from our depravity.”

Abolitionist Arnold Davtyan added, “It is an effort where, by faith, we are seeking to enforce justice. There are currently CA penal codes that consider the killing a human fetus as murder unless the mother decides she wants to kill her baby. We are trying to be consistent with the treatment of murder.”

The initiative will require 585,407 verified signatures to reach the ballot in 2018. Davtyan said he and other abolitionists will focus their signature-collection efforts on local church gatherings, exhorting fellow believers to help establish justice in the state.

“Our general strategy is to circulate the petitions among fellowships throughout the state and get church buildings to operate as signature stations for supporters in the community to walk in and sign the petition,” he said.

But Davtyan added that although California may not give the petition a warm reception, its passage or failure at the ballot box is not his measure of success.

“Our goal is to provoke the conscience of our nation, and exalting Christ in our obedience to Him is success. The mere fact that this initiative is being circulated in a state such as California is historical. I consider that a success in itself,” he said.

The petition initiatives join the ranks of other recent abolitionist efforts, including other petitions and bills of abolition which have sprung up throughout the country over the past year, signaling a shift away from pro-life regulationism nationwide.