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Antifa Agitators Attack Abolitionists

Conner Haines

— A crowd of Antifa agitators overpowered and robbed a group of abolitionists at a “Free Speech” rally Saturday.

According to the New York Post and other news outlets, the Antifa group was there to protest the Free Speech rally, purportedly on the grounds of opposing racism and hatred.

Abolitionists Conner Haines and Nate Schmolze said they attended the rally to expose the evil of abortion and speak out against the ageist mentality that turns a blind eye to the oppression and destruction of the most innocent members of society.

Antifa responded to their presence by attacking the abolitionists, stealing and destroying their signs, and seeking to silence their free speech on behalf of the preborn.

According to Schmolze, the abolitionists went to Boston for the event, to proclaim Christ in the city and “speak with people about how racism used to dehumanize slaves is like the the ageism used to dehumanize preborn children.”

But, they said, not only Antifa members, but also the so-called free speech advocates they encountered were belligerently opposed to free speech when it came to abortion and the rights of preborn children; the angry crowds eagerly attempted to cover the abolitionist’s signs.

A passerby witnessing the event posted on Twitter, “These protests rarely end pretty. Antifa folks just mobbed some anti-abortion protestors w/ poster. Yelled & tore posters til cops came.”

“A guy took my megaphone cord and tried to rip the entire megaphone head off, and he assaulted me and the police chased him down.” Schmolze said.

Schmolze declined to press charges against his attacker. “Another guy took my sign as well, and I actually had to go dumpster diving to get that back.” he said.

Haines reported another incident in which a woman took his sign out of his hands: “Someone took my sign (but) they didn’t run very far before they stopped and started stomping on it,” he said. “So I shouted “Police” and within a second an officer was there and told her to get off of it, but she did ruin the sign… it was bent.”

But both men said they had many opportunities to interact with the crowd as the day progressed.

A video posted by an observer (below) shows the abolitionists surrounded by crowds, sometimes shouting and other times asking questions and engaging in dialogue about abortion and the Gospel.

But according to the abolitionists, the crowd got violent when Schmolze began preaching and began ripping the signs from Haines’ hands, carrying them off, and then destroying them as a body, shouting and screaming.

As the “Free Speech” rally attendees stomped on pictures of fellow human beings, they chanted, “Destroy! F— Hate!” and“Get the F— out of Boston you Nazi Scum!”

A woman in the video can be heard shouting “Free abortion on demand without apology!”

One of the signs destroyed posed the question, “Does anyone even care?” over an image of the mutilated body of an abortion victim. The other bore only text stating, “We are Ambassadors of Jesus Christ, pleading from God a message of reconciliation, Repent and believe! For the Kingdom of God is at hand!”

“It’s crazy that the same people that hate racism support ageism,” Haines recalled after the event.

Undeterred by the attacks, Haines and Schmolze returned to the protest with new signs and literature.

Video footage from Schmolze’s facebook page shows that within minutes of reaching the streets, the two were again surrounded by angry group of Antifa, who shouted over Schmolze as he spoke. Protesters with covered faces appear to jostle Schmolze, one grabbing at his sign, another pouring milk on his hand, as someone is heard shouting: “Give him some milk!” Several shouted over Schmolze’s preaching “F— Jesus Christ!”

A large group of police surrounded the two Abolitionists, seeking to separate them from the violent crowd. The police discouraged the Abolitionists from continuing to preach the gospel saying “You’re not gonna win ‘em.” and “Just go, get outta here,” echoing the sentiments of the crowd, refusing to hear the pleas of the abolitionists.

One of the officers can be seen in the video, pulling a sign out of Haines’ hands while he protested saying “Sir! That’s my sign!” The officer then physically compelled Haines and Schmolze to cross the street as Schmolze asksed, “You’re gonna push me in the street?”

Schmolze then began to preach again, this time to the police officer: “Sir, you need to turn to Jesus Christ, cause he has something to say to civil magistrates when they are not establishing justice, and the police of this nation are going to have to give account for the holocaust that you are allowing to perpetrate under your watch, but understand that Jesus Christ has been given all authority under heaven and over earth, and you’re gonna have to answer to him as King of Kings and Lord of Lords.”

A group of police officers then followed the abolitionists across the street, threatening arrest if Schmolze did not stop preaching. An argument ensued over whether or not the abolitionists had a permit to preach through their megaphone.

One officer then took the megaphone from the abolitionists. One officer assured Schmolze that he understood free speech, while threatening him with arrest for preaching the Gospel and exhorting the lesser magistrates to establish justice, rather than protect oppression, and to turn to Christ.

The officers advised Schmolze and Haines to leave, saying, “We’re getting out of here in about 10 minutes, and when we leave, your life is in jeopardy.” Haines and Schmolze reported that they left shortly afterward.

The abolitionists said they still were able to proclaim the Gospel to mothers who had had abortions, many who opposed the abolitionist call to establish justice, and those who simply needed to hear it.

They were also able to tell Christians to be courageous and bold, and demonstrate their love and faith by speaking up even in hostile environments. One man, they reported, heard their exhortation and joined them as they traversed the crowds, begging people to see the humanity of the preborn and turn to Christ.

Schmolze said that being an abolitionist comes with a cost in a society that hates the truth. “It’s going to be harder to be an abolitionist, and obviously, if you’re a Christian then you’re going to be an abolitionist, but it’s going to be harder to be a Christian in general, and to obey Jesus Christ,” he said. “Either you are going to have to cower, or you’re going to have to learn courage.”