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After Missouri Legislature Rejects Abolition, Abolitionists Petition to the People

— A petition to prohibit abortion as murder will begin circulating in Missouri as soon as October.

If passed, the initiative will add Section 188.340 to Missouri statues. The new section will prohibit any person from procuring, performing, or attempting to perform an abortion, and states that any person who violates the statute shall be guilty of premeditated murder.

The language of the section also explicitly repeals pro-life regulatory laws that stipulate the methods and circumstances under which abortion should be legal.

Abolitionist Rush Loftis, a legislative assistant who has labored to bring bills of abolition to fruition throughout the recent legislative session, introduced the initiative.

“After realizing that abortion won’t be ended by our legislature here in Missouri, I started exploring the idea of an initiative petition” Loftis said.

Nearly 100 volunteers are prepared to gather signatures for the petition, which Loftis said they may begin circulating as early as October. They will need to gather 100,126 signatures in order to see the issue on the ballot.

Loftis believes Missouri citizens will respond favorably to the effort.

“I don’t believe Missouri would vote this down,” he said. “The Supreme Court overstepped with the [Roe v. Wade] ruling. It’s time Missouri set the record straight…. abortion is murder.”