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Abolitionist Dan Fisher Kicks Off Campaign for Oklahoma Governor

— A huge crowd gathered in Oklahoma City Sunday for Dan Fisher’s rally to kickoff his campaign for Oklahoma governor.

Fisher, a former state representative, is the first gubernatorial candidate in the US to run as an abolitionist rather than a pro-lifer. More than 600 people gathered at Cole’s Garden to cheer him on as he laid out his platform, which consists of abolishing abortion, promoting state sovereignty, auditing state agencies, and reducing the size and scope of state government.

According to Fisher’s web site, he intends to abandon pro-life regulatory schemes and instead abolish abortion entirely in the state.

“I’m not running as a pro-life candidate,” Fisher announced. “I’m running as one who believes it’s time to abolish abortion.”

More than 600 people attended Dan Fisher’s rally to kick off his campaign for Oklahoma governor.

According to Fisher, being pro-life has become a meaningless phrase used by politicians to get elected, but once those politicians are in office, they merely try to regulate abortion, if they do anything. “I believe there’s a reason for that. Because we have refused to call abortion what it is,” he said. “I will call it what it is. Abortion is murder… if you accept that abortion is murder… you’ll treat it like murder.”

He continued, “You see if the government recognizes something as horribly wrong, like abortion, and calls it murder, then we’ll do whatever we can do to not regulate it… you don’t regulate murder! You abolish it. You stop it!” The crowd responded to Fisher’s words by chanting, “No more murder!”

Fisher also preemptively dismissed concerns that US Supreme Court decisions such as Roe v. Wade and Planned Parenthood v. Casey might prevent a state governor from effecting the abolition of abortion. “Who cares what they think? The last time I checked, courts offer opinions,” he said. “Well they just happen to have the wrong opinion. And this isn’t the first time they’ve had the wrong opinion.”

Fisher reminded the cheering crowd that in 1857 the Supreme Court’s opinion was that black people were not fully human, and thus could be treated as property. “They were wrong then, and they are wrong now!” Fisher said. “So here’s what we’re going to do. We’re going to ignore them.”

“If elected governor, I will do everything within my power or die trying to make this an abortion-free state,” he added.

Speakers at the campaign included area pastors Paul Blair, Bill Ledbetter, Bruce Delay, and former state representative Randy Brogdon. John Michener, president of the Oklahoma Conservative PAC and Oklahomans United for Life also endorsed Fisher’s bid for governor.

Fisher ended the rally by telling the audience that Oklahoma citizens are facing a “now or never” moment. “We can either begin to push back on our state government, force it back within its proper role, stop this slaughter of our unborn babies… straighten out our government, tell the federal government to take care of what they’re supposed to take care of and get out of our business…. or, we can just shut up.”

The Liberator will continue to follow the Oklahoma gubernatorial race as Fisher faces off against pro-life Republican politicians in the Oklahoma primaries.