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Abolitionist Calls Police for Assistance, Ends Up Facing Criminal Charges

— An abolitionist preaching the Gospel and pleading with parents at a local abortion clinic received a misdemeanor citation after calling the police to assist her with an incident of vandalism.

Abolitionist Kate Robinson was calmly and peacefully pleading outside of Larry Burns’ “Abortion Surgery Center” when an enraged abortive father decided to destroy her sign and toss it in the abortionist’s dumpster. After the incident occurred, Robinson called the police to assist her in retrieving her property and file a complaint, only to find herself facing misdemeanor charges for “disturbing the peace.”

Robinson captured the entire incident on video.

The video shows the abortion patron sitting in his car screaming and cursing at Robinson as she attempts to turn him away from the sin abortion and to Jesus Christ. The man’s fury visibly increases as Robinson pleads with him and explains that the hatred he is showing her is a hatred of God and evidence that he knows what he is doing is wrong.

Robinson explained that the incident began as he walked out of the mill when she started pleading with him to go back into the mill and rescue his child from death. “Within a few seconds his anger escalated to the point of hysteria,” she said.

As she engaged the man, he became more and more enraged, responding to her pleas by screaming “Shut the f*** up!” and “You stupid f***ing c***!”

Robinson, a staff writer and editor for The Liberator, said her natural inclination in such situations is generally to acquiesce and attempt to de-escalate the encounter, but said she felt conscience-bound to continue to plead with him regardless of how belligerent he became.

“Anyone who responds with that kind of intensity and anger usually does so because his conscience is pricked, and he’s hearing exactly what he needs to hear,” she said. “It would be the easy thing to allow him to bully me into silence, but it would not be loving to him. Besides which, his child’s life is on the line. If I have even a small chance of getting through to him, I have no choice but to try.”

As seen in the video, the abortive father could only stand a couple of minutes of Robinson’s pleading before he exited his car, marched over to where she was standing, and proceeded to destroy one of her signs.

The sign bore an ultrasound image of a preborn child with the words, “God knows the child in your womb, and He knows what you came here to do to him.”

As the man destroyed the sign, Robinson explained that she was there to offer him a way of hope, salvation, and forgiveness.

“F*** you. I don’t need to be forgiven from your fake-a** god,” the man assured her as he took hold of the sign, kicking it before folding it in half and returning to the abortion clinic property. Robinson did not cease to plead with the man as he carried out his crime (destruction of personal property), but then called the Norman Police Department to report what had happened after he returned to his car.

After her phone call she returned to pleading with the man once again, telling him that through faith in Jesus Christ he could be free from rage and bitterness. Seeing that he could do nothing to make her stop preaching the truth to him in love, the man decided to move his car around to the back parking lot where he could wait for the destruction of his child in peace.

Shortly thereafter a Norman Police officer arrived.

After she’d explained the situation to the officer and informed him that she had the entire incident on video, he asked, “What are you wanting to see happen?”

Robinson asked him what he would do if it had been her purse that had been taken, and the officer told her that that was different, and that the matter of a sign was a “gray area.” When pressed, he admitted that it wasn’t much different than the theft or destruction of any other property, but clarified that since the man hadn’t kept the property but destroyed it, it would be viewed as vandalism rather than theft.

After a second officer arrived, both officers entered the clinic and spoke to the man, who admitted to destroying the sign, but, according to the officers, told them Robinson had been standing next to his car door screaming at him. As a result, they said Debbie Burns, the abortionist’s wife and receptionist, was ready to press trespassing charges. Though the two pro-life advocates (seen in the video sitting on a small brick wall connected to the abortion clinic where they pray the rosary) witnessed the entire incident, the officers did not question them but repeatedly told Robinson that they had no way of knowing what had happened.

Robinson pointed out several times that she had captured the incident on video, but the officers told her that she could work that out in front of a judge. After conferring with the vandal and the abortionist’s wife a second time, officers again emerged, this time telling Robinson that Burns had changed the charge from trespassing to “disturbing the peace”, saying that she had heard Robinson screaming outside the clinic.

When Robinson objected to being cited  for a misdemeanor the officers hadn’t seen her commit, they told her they had no choice, since they could not confirm the events. When Robinson pointed out that the clinic had cameras, and that the officer had failed to question the witnesses, one of the officers told her, “They obviously didn’t want to get involved.”

This is not the first time abolitionists have encountered what they say is obvious police bias outside the abortion clinic.

Last year, Robinson said she had a similar experience when the abortionist himself, Larry Burns, took her signs and threw them in the dumpster. According to Robinson, the police officer who responded to her call likewise talked to Burns and agreed to his request to cite her for littering if she insisted on pursuing larceny charges against him. When Robinson said she wished to charge him anyway, Burns relented and agreed to return the signs.

In 2013, two abolitionists were physically assaulted by an abortive father and also found themselves facing charges. Then, as in Robinson’s case, both the offending party and the victim were cited.

“The police were not interested in the video footage I had of the assault on myself and Jeremy (Brown) and they allowed my assailant to press assault charges on me (even though I never struck the man back but only defended against blows and take downs),” Harmon said. “It was only after I released the footage, clearly showing the attack and after going on a National Radio Show causing hundreds of listeners to call and pressure the city, that charges against me were dropped.”

Robinson and Harmon said that multiple Norman Police officers work off-duty shifts as paid security for Burns, and that they frequently call these officers to repentance. Most of the officers defend their presence there by saying they are merely trying to keep the peace.  According to Robinson and Harmon, however, the officers have engaged in a long battle against the abolitionists’ first amendment rights, in addition to acting as escorts helping men and women murder their children.

Harmon has also been cited for disturbing the peace, and he said the restrictions on his freedom of speech have tightened considerably.

After receiving his citation, Harmon prepared a written complaint and requested that a similar citation be issued to the abortionist Larry Burns, since the killing of innocent children is “violent, obstreperous, or improper conduct” whose “natural consequence is to cause an assault, battery or other breach of the peace,” which frequently disturbs his peace and that of other city residents.1 Despite the repeated assertions by various officers that any citizen has the right to issue such a complaint, they were unwilling to comply with Harmon’s request. But when it came to Robinson, they were more than happy to issue her a citation on behalf of the abortionist’s wife, who didn’t even witness the incident.

“The off-duty Norman PD officers who work there constantly film me and make calls to the Assistant City Attorney Rick Knighton to get permission to cite me,” Harmon said.

“Several of these guys, especially Lt. Jeff Robertson, seem to be looking for anything they can use against us,” Robinson said. “They say they’re here to protect everyone, but they make it very clear that they oppose us, and they certainly don’t protect the little humans who are killed every day by the man who pays them to be here.”

“Police officers are image bearers of God, just like the rest of us,” she added. “They have a responsibility to love their neighbors and do everything in their power to protect the innocent. But our culture is so dark that rather than protect the innocent, many of them willingly, boldly, and proudly protect the murderers for a little cash on the side, while others simply turn a blind eye and say ‘that’s above my pay grade.'”

Robinson added that while she knows good and godly police officers, including some who have stood next to her at the abortion mill pleading for the lives of the innocent, she will hesitate to call Norman PD for assistance again. “It’s an unjust system,” she said. “We were promised the world would hate us, as it hates our Lord, and we shouldn’t be surprised when that’s the case.”

We were unable to reach the Norman Police Department for a statement.

You can contact them here or give them a call at (405) 321-1600.


  1. Norman municipal code, §15-503